With the introduction of the iPad she has found a spectacular new way and started to paint digital. She uses drawing programs and a special iPad brush. This digital artwork called iArts. Diana is the Dutch founder of the Art Movement Artist in Transit.

There is a choice from  27 iArts in landscape, portrait and square size. The iArts are delivered in several sizes in limited editions on aluminium dibond or a Led frame. Through this website you can easily get a beautiful art work for your office or home.

Led frames
Diana her iArts are made in many layers, because there is one print layer, this gives a amazing 3-d effect. The painting gets depth and start to live.

Aluminium Dibond
Aluminium Dibond paintings are  zijn wafer Thin and they seem to fall into the wall, which creates a thighs effect. 

iArts from 150 to 7500 euro