About Diana


Diana Kortbeek is a well known and acclaimed artist who makes oil paintings and bronze and stone sculptures. She manages to be one of the few to renew and reinvent herself constantly. With the introduction of the iPad she has found a spectacular new way to express her creativity. Her iArts are created on the iPad and are distinctly different from her other work – refreshing and innovative. The freedom of creating with of iArts, there where inspiration is bubbling, makes that she has found a perfect place in the Artists in Transit movement. The iArts can be translated into innovative, contemporary interior products such as aluminum Dibond paintings, designs lampshades, beanbags and sit cubes. Not only the application but also dimensions and material make that one can adapt to their own interior and the personal budget. The traditional work of Kortbeek are probably reserved for the happy few but today iArts are thus accessible to a very broad audience. The paintings, the iArts and interior products available in the shop.


“I’ve never been afraid of new developments, but I do not see many other artists who use the same techniques. Twice another artist approached me with the question of how I work. I just explain how I do it, I love to share and have certainly no sense of protection. Through this new way of working, you have in terms of creativity many new interesting possibilities.”


Diana Kortbeek (DK) likes the sense of beauty, proportion and balance. “Observing – and what is observed will be displayed , that’s what I do.”


DK has all her life stylized images where stillness comes from. First in sculptures, later in oil paintings, and now again in her iPad paintings. Like the sculptures which it acquired her fame, these are as far as possible minimized, and abstracted.


Appear as essential as possible, so you will not be distracted by what does not matter. DK loves most simple visual means – no frills but balanced in peace and quiet. “The less shape, the better I think …”.


About sculpting she said long ago that a major drawback is that the ideas come, but that the effect lasts long, so you have to choose between your different ideas constantly. And are therefore ideas get lost. With oil you can react faster, but to build in layering, layers have to dry long. So you’re bound to time, patience and your studio. Her life, strongly influenced by the agitation, has now found a medium in which she can practice her art and develop her ideas as soon as they arise. She can make the choices immediately as they occur, and on your iPad, you get instant results. Everything that bubbles she can translate directly.



Diana has been making since 1979 sculptures and paintings. Usually large, always styled. Her sculptures are figurative, and her paintings more abstract. Abstract sculpturing was too simple, she explained, but her oil paintings and her iPad paintings she can keep them very abstract. The essence of the form remains – even now on the iPad – a priority. Like in her oil paintings she also strives with the iPad after layering. She starts with the line that defines the main form. Then she adds, the intuitively colors. Always yellow, red, orange and blue. Layer upon layer, to a balanced composition is achieved. Everything wears her signature “simplicity and coloring”: simplicity in shape, and a warm palette – bright and challenging.

Houvast kopie


In a very fast, new way DK proceeded since she started painting on the iPad, and she is very excited about the mobility it brings her, but also the speed, quality and certainly the enormous possibility of applications . Without having to make concessions on time or space, , she can respond to all bubbling ideas and inspiration, and translate them on her iPad. At home and on the road she makes many paintings, but she also performs with a pianist and a poet, making as performance artists a portrait, a piece of music and create a poem around a model.


In October 2013 she has been invited to give a workshop. “Making Art on Your iPad” in the Apple Store in Amsterdam It was a busy and very successful workshop in which DK has broughtmany iPad-artists-to-be in a positive way in touch with Mobile Art. In February 2015 she was asked to give a master class Art on the iPad in the Apple Store Amsterdam.
DK is an established and celebrated artist, known for her sculptures and paintings. She has exhibited in galleries including in Amsterdam, The Hague, London, Monte Carlo, Nice, Dusseldorf, Ireland, Hong Kong, Florida, California, & Johannesburg. For an overview of her portfolio see cv. cv.