Artist in Transit

Artists in Transit

iPad art of IART is a part of Mobile Arts. ‘Artists in Transit “is the new trend in Mobile Arts in modern art. Diana Kortbeek (DK) is one of the Dutch first Mobile Artists, who joined the ‘Artists in Transit’ movement.

act of observing


DK speaks of iArts because she makes her paintings on the iPad. Using different programs she creates paintings – there where the inspiration bubbles up. Mobile is also the application of these paintings; You can distribute virtual paintings, applied on aluminum, canvas and fabric, and even on utensils. And with that Kortbeek is an Artist in Transit ‘. The founder of this movement Benjamin Rabe has made a nice animation:. The artists make the fact that you can practice the art everywhere the crux – they are mostly in transit as they practice their art, and this is established. The artist – who never wanted to follow trends – is suddenly hip and hot and trendy. She is one of the first established Dutch artists Mobile Arts practitioner, who has joined the Artists in Transit movement.


Triple Art Reflection

DK as acts today with two other artists – a poet and a pianist. They make both a musical composition, a poem and a iPadportret around a model standing on the podium with them, while the audience is watching and can see the artworks arise. Performance Art 2.0? It is the first art form that really happens on your screen; the films made with a portrait, a poem and a song is created, the viewer is really involved in the work and becomes intrigued. Traditional paintings and sculptures sacrifice strength when they are viewed on a monitor. Look here for an impression.

triple Art reflection

Freedom and choices

Instead of a brush, use an iPad: the freedom and the opportunities are great. Think of DK who rode with the king rail, and on the spot made artworks. But also the freedom and mobility for the art lover is enlarged. Someone now has the choice of the size of the artwork itself so it can be fit in the interior, and the budget. When you buy a piece of art on the wall, you also have the choice to have your painting on a bean bag, on a lampshade or perhaps as a table runner? Anything is possible with a virtual work of art, which is good news for the artist and the art lover. See all the possibilities in the shop.


Spectaculair new ways to introduce art

Due to the fast technological innovations in printing, spectaculair new ways have come to introduce art into you home or office. Great way to incorporate art in a new way into your life. One of the newest innovations is led frames, due to the fact that the light comes from behind the painting, the painting becomes alive! contact us for more info



King Train
On Thursday, April 25, 2013 Diana Kortbeek rode in the social coupe special Royal Train ‘vanBnaarA’ where the change of rule and dreams for the future were the talk of the day for the Netherlands. During this day ilmmaker Thomas Sykora asked passengers what their dream for the king was. Many enthusiastic passengers expressed different dreams for our new king, including: stand behind education, change and renewal, from king to green prime minister. DK translated the dreams in the train to sketches, where she subsequently made IArts of the dreams.